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Frequently Asked Questions about The Bay Water Park

Q:  Are guests allowed to bring in coolers or other food/drink into the facility?

A: Guests are allowed to bring  food and drink items into KC Parks Pools and Water Parks.  Please inform a staff member of any food or drink item you have when entering the facility.  The following restrictions apply: No glass containers, no alcoholic beverages, coolers must be under  24” x 15” x 18” in size, containers are subject to search, all food and drink must be consumed in the designated area.

We do offer picnic tables in the sprayground area, which are available for your needs on a first come first serve basis.  The Bay offers food and drinks at our concession stand located by the lap pool.  We offer a variety of items such as (but not limited to) healthy choices, nachos, pretzels, hot dogs, ice cream and candy.

Q: What payment forms do you accept?

A: The Bay accepts cash, Visa and Mastercard. The Bay does not accept personal checks, Discover or Amercian Express at this time.

Q:  Are we allowed to bring our own flotation devices to the pool?

A:  Personal flotation devices are not permitted as they will cover the water surface of the pools and prevent lifeguards from being able to see to the bottom of the pools.  This rule includes arm “floaties” as well.  Tubes are provided by the facility for the lazy river and slides; however no tube is required to enjoy the river.

Q:  Can I bring my own life jacket for my child?

A:  Yes, but it must be US Coast Guard approved to be allowed in the facility.  The Bay offers free life jackets available at the front desk on a first come first serve basis and has all sizes available.

Q:  Do I have to pay if I am not going to swim or use the attractions?

A:  Yes, everyone entering the park must pay admission.

Q:  Are lockers available for rent?

A:  Lockers are available for daily use at The Bay.  You can bring your own lock or purchase one at the facility for $5.00.  All locks must be removed at the end of your stay each day.  Lockers are located by the men’s and women’s restrooms.

Q:  Is smoking allowed in the facility?

A:  The Bay is a tobacco free facility, and all smoking or chewing tobacco must be consumed outside the front gates.  Please stop at the front desk to get a stamp for re-entry.


Q:  What type of attire is required at The Bay?

A:  The Bay is a family friendly facility; therefore appropriate swim wear is required.  Swim wear is defined as an article of clothing, such as a swimsuit, that has been designed to be used in a pool environment.  Swim wear should be lined and may not be transparent at any time.  All mens swimsuits must have a liner and a drawstring. Revealing swim wear and thong or t-back swim wear bottoms will not be permitted.  Cut off jeans, denim clothing, hard metal objects, and shoes cannot be worn in the pool as well.  No undergarments may be visible at any time.  Also swim diapers are required of all infants and toddlers swimming in the facility.  Swim diapers are also available for purchase at the front desk.

Q:  How old can my child be to come to the facility alone?

A:  Children age 12 and younger must be accompanied by an adult age 15 or older. For those under 18 wishing to ride the BayRider, they must be accompanied by a legal guardian who must review and sign a waiver of liability.

Q:  How tall does my child need to be to ride the slides?

A:  The Bay has 2 different slide height requirements.  The 2 tube slides and swirl bowl slide require a height of 48” or taller to ride.  The family slide, located in the kiddie pool, requires a height of 36” or taller to ride.  Measuring tools are located at the front desk as well as the top of the slides.

Q:  How tall do I  have to be to ride the BayRider?

A:  Riders must be at least 48″ inches tall to ride the Bayrider.  Riders must also sign a participant waiver.  This legal document must be signed by every participant age 18 and over or by the parent/legal guardian for those under the age of 18.

Q:  Can I bring my own board for the BayRider?

A:  The only boards allowed on the BayRider are those specifically designed for the Flowrider attraction.  We have Bodyboards and Flowboards for your use at the facility.

Q:  Can I bring toys for my child to play with in the pool?

A:  Only small, soft play toys are allowed in the facility but at the manager’s discretion.  No hard plastic toys, water guns, beach balls, footballs, etc. are permitted.  Again, all toys permitted are at the management’s discretion.  The Bay is not responsible for lost or stolen items, and all “lost and found” items are located at the front desk.

Q:  Does The Bay have Wi-Fi?

A:  Yes, The Bay has free Wi-Fi available inside the facility, so be sure to check out our Facebook page for the latest updates while you’re surfing the internet.

Q:  How does The Bay promote sun safety?

A:  Now that summer is here and the family is excited to spend its days at the pool, no one is excited about getting sun burnt.  Thanks to research on the causes of skin cancer, we are now aware of how to protect ourselves against ultraviolet rays and prevent cancer.  This is not to scare you, it’s to simply inform you and give you the knowledge needed to make your visit to The Bay an enjoyable one.  Starting with our own staff, these are the ways we promote sun safety at The Bay:

  1. Wear sunscreen – even if your skin rarely burns, it needs SPF 30 or higher.  Remember to reapply sunscreen throughout the day even if it says that it’s “waterproof”.  Also be sure to apply sunscreen on cloudy days, not just hot sunny days.
  2. Wear sunglasses – Wearing sunglasses will help provide protection against ultraviolet rays. Be sure to check your sunglasses upon purchase for the percentage of UV protection because the tint of the glasses doesn’t make the difference.  The dark tint causes your eyes to dilate; once dilated your pupils will let in more UV rays which can lead to more serious damage.
  3. Wear a hat – a hat offers personal shade for your head and face.  It also helps block the sun out of your eyes, which will save you from squinting all day.
  4. Limit exposure time – Even if you’re planning to stay all day at the park be sure to take a break and get in the shade while you have a snack or re-hydrate.  Use that break time to reapply your sunscreen.
  5. Hydrate – be sure to drink plenty of water, especially if it’s hot and sunny outside.  Try to stay away from sugary drinks and soda and stick to water.  There is multiple water fountains located in the facility for your needs.

Q:  Is there a lap lane available to swim laps all day?

A: Unfortunately not, however the lap pool does have less busy times early in the day.  Ask the front desk when the best times are.

Q:  Do you offer any extra programming or birthday party opportunities at The Bay?

A:  Yes, please check out our programming/parties section of our website.  You can also call us at 816-350-2628 for more information or to sign up for your program or party.

Q:  Do you offer rain checks at The Bay?

A:  No, we do not offer rain checks at The Bay.  However, please feel free to call us at the facility 816-965-9218 to inquire about the possibility of a closure if it looks like rain is moving in before you drive out to see us.

Q:  Do you offer season passes for The Bay?

A:  Yes, we do offer season passes for The Bay.  To get the best pricing available on season passes, purchase them from December 1st – April 15th.  Season passes are the best value for frequent guests of The Bay; you can use them all day everyday from season start to season end.  Visit the City of KC Parks and Recreation website, www.kcparks.org  to purchase yours before the season starts or visit the front desk at the facility once the pool opens.

Q: Do you offer private or group swimming lessons?

A: Yes, The Bay offers group, semi-private and private swim lessons.  We believe that learning to swim is an essential life skill.  Call 816-350-2628 for more information on how to register and what level is right for you or your child.  Swim lessons save lives!

Q: Are you hiring and how do I become a lifeguard?

A: YES!!!  Midwest Pool Management operates The Bay Water Park for The City of Kansas City.  Please visit the jobs page at www.midwestpool.com to apply for a position at The Bay.  MPM hires and trains lifeguards, front desk/customer service employees, deck attendants, slide attendants and our facility managers.

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